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Horizon Private Property Management

If you own property for investment but don't occupy it or if you only occupy your property occasionally, don't let your property sit idle!

Let us manage your property and it will generate extra income that will not only cover your costs (maintenance, security, service charge and utilities) but generate profit for you!

If you own vacant property and you don't have time to manage the rental, we will take care of this and find long term tenants, furnish and maintain the place as required, collect rent and credit it to your accounts, even pay the taxes for you. For long term rental management, we only take a commission of 10%.

If you own a property but only use it occasionally: we will find short term leasing tenants. After you leave, we pack-up all personal belongings and store these; we provide a complete set of HORIZON equipment (cutlery, cooking pots, bed sheets, towels,...); we ensure that everything is in good working and looking condition and use the premises for short term rental. With the income generated bills are paid and the balance is credited to your account.

When the owner comes back, he should notify us at least 30 days in advance and we repair all faults that may have occurred during the leasing, return all personal belongings and remove all the HORIZON equipment.

Typically we charge 30% of the rent for this service, however this management fee is only charged when the unit is rented out: no management fee is charged when the unit is not occupied.